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Wifi Seamless

suniway WiFi allows you to automatically switch and connect to the best quality WiFi signal after changing areas.

Speed On Demand

Internet connection speed can be temporarily increased or decreased according to your wishes.

Upgrade Speed

Permanently boost internet speed based on your needs and automatically match the best quality links.

Fast download

Support exclusive broadband connection, the download speed of a huge number of partners is beyond your imagination.

Data Security

All our broadband plans are secured; keep your network safe from hackers.

Mobile Connection

Suniway's wireless relay service, mobile phones can be linked to wifi in every corner of the home.

Satellite TV

Easily connect to satellite TV and watch over 1000 TV stations around the world.

Pay with ease

All you need to do is pay your bill online and use your home broadband plan right away.

Get Blazing Fast Internet

SUNIWAY Is Available To All Corners Of The Country

No more minimum speeds, take advantage of our fiber plans, all of our plans are upgraded to a 100% full speed guarantee. Experience consistent, enterprise-grade internet connection speeds right at home.

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Feasible High-Speed And Broadband Connection

Suniway provides customers with the best Internet service experience and is committed to continuously improving the characteristics of our Internet services, including speed, reliability and overall quality. With Whole House Managed WiFi, our technicians will provide and set up a high-performance wireless device that is beautifully designed to be within line of sight. WiFi includes an easy-to-use smartphone app for monitoring and improving user network performance and remote IT support from suniway, including whole-home WiFi management.